Friday, September 3, 2010

Wonderful grandmas!!

This post is dedicated to our wonderful moms. July 5, 2010 Danny and I were at the hospital anxiously waiting for time to pass so we could walk down to the surgical room and begin our c-section. Both of our moms were in the room with us waiting for that time to come as well. We left and they stayed with our girls. Liam was born and that is where our journey began. We spent the week in the hospital until I was discharged. We were in and out of the NICU the first week, making it so we couldn't be with our girls. That is where our moms took over. The girls were in Hyrum for the first part, then sent to I.F. with a small vacation to Jackson, back to I.F., then back to Hyrum, then to Salt Lake, then ultimately to I.F. while we came to Philly. Our moms did all they could to help us out in whatever way we needed, and they did. They both said "I will do whatever you need me to do to help you out the best." Both of our moms spent time in Salt Lake while we were at Primary's, so we would still see the girls and do some things with them. My mom only has a few weeks of summer vacation from school(her work) and she spent the majority of it watching our girls. She still had some things to do at work, so she wasn't able to make it to Philly for a bit. Sharon works at the temple once a week, but she was able to get someone to cover for her so she could come out with us. We headed to Philly and Sharon came the first day. She wanted to be here for me and Danny so we could take a break when needed and she would still be with Liam at the hospital. I am not going lie, the breaks were needed. It has been a VERY long road and I am ready to be hospital-free. I am thankful that Sharon has been here to support us. It has been nice to have her here with us and for her to willingly sit with Liam so we could get out for a bit. She was here for our sanity and we appreciate and love her. My mom knew she wouldn't be able to be here the whole time because of work so she said that even though she couldn't be here with us, the most she could do was take care of our girls, (the griddles, as she calls them)which to me was WONDERFUL!!!! She did get to come to Philly. It was during her school registration, but her boss let her come out to support us. It was such a wonderful week having our mom's (and Dennis) with us. When we first found out we would be coming to Philly, it was nice to know that our parents were going to support us in any way. Even though we are old and married, we still need our parents.

Our journey is almost coming to an end. Today is Sharon's last day to be here(she is watching her daughter's kids while she is on a cruise) and today is Niamh's first day of kindergarten. My mom was able to take today off so she could take Niamh. It probably would not have been too big of a deal if she missed, but my mom knew that I wanted her to be there so she took her to Hyrum last night and got her ready to go for her big day. She sent us a picture on her phone and Niamh looked so pretty. Jill helped out by braiding her hair last night so it would be curly for today. Kara is helping out by posting these pics to the blog.

I am so thankful for the care of the girls. I am thankful for our mom's, dad's, the Taft's, Petersen's, Ryan Reilly's, Matt & Ashley, grandma Landon, and everyone else who offered their support and their summer vacation to help us out. We are so blessed each and every day. I want my mom and Sharon to know how grateful I am for them and dedicating their summer to helping us out and lending their support in any way they could. It will be a summer we will never forget. I love you both!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Liam's Video

This is a few of Danny and Rachel's friends hijacking the blog. A fundraiser was held on August 23rd for the Reilly family. Check out all of Liam's friends in this short video. An account is still open at Wells Fargo for anyone wishing to donate. The account to reference is "The Reilly Family Donation Fund".