Saturday, September 12, 2009

Window washer anyone?

Danny decided that he wanted to wash windows for the second time this year. He did it earlier this year and did such a nice job. Surprisingly, he did it all on his own. You would think he had a griping wife to drive him to do it, but he likes to do it, at least he has totally fooled me into thinking that. He did the inside and out. I appreciate him and his hard work and I am thankful for his desire for window cleaning.

Happy day Bergi!!

What a happy and good day it was, 9-11-09. It was Bergin's birthday. We celebrated and had a great time. Bergin turned 2. She learned how to hold up two fingers and she says she is "three." I am still not sold on the "one year older and wiser too" phrase. I know she didn't realize that it was her birthday, but she did know that she was special for some reason. Grandpa and grandma Reilly came the night before her birthday and stayed the night. They stayed for a little bit in the morning, then headed home. It was fun to have them here. When she opened presents, she couldn't have been more excited. They gave her a Snow White baby and some shoes. She immediately turned into mommy mode and tried to feed her baby. As she held the bottle to the baby's mouth, she had her lips puckered. It reminded me of parents feeding their baby some baby food and taking bites into the air while giving their baby a bite. I know we all have done it at least once in our lives before we realize what we are doing. I guess that starts at a young age. Needless to say, she loves having her own baby and her own baby bottle. She tried the shoes on then wanted to see how high she could jump in them. They are both cute shoes. Mamie and gramps(Landon grandparents) had given me her presents last week. They gave her a dress for church and a little outfit which are both so cute. She got the dress early becasue she wore it to church last week. It looked so cute. Her grandparents know how to shop for here. We then opened presents from us. She did not want the girls to touch her present, and she did not want ANY help from them. We ended the night with birthday cake. The local grocery store has a program to sign up for free birthday cake, so we signed up. I told them to decorate it with girl colors since they thought Ryan was a boy and put dinosaurs all over it. It was a little funny when Ryan got her cake. She wondered why it had dinosaurs on it. Well, it was probably more Niamh wondering why then Ryan. Our neighbors came over for cake. All little girls. The boys are out-numbered quite a bit. The boys across the street got home and came over and joined us. We are blessed to have great neighbors. It was a great day. After we sang happy birthday to Bergin, I heard her singing a few minutes later, "Happy Day to Bergin." She always says Happy day for birthdays. It is pretty cute. We love Bergin. She is so much fun and makes every day a blast.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To be informative

So my sister-in-law who could be classified as one of the "World's best and creative bloggers" told me that I should tell how my daughter's name is pronounced. Her name is Niamh. It is pronounced Neeve. It is an Irish name and it has the original Gaelic spelling. So thanks to Kara for the inspiration.

Take me out to the ball game

This summer has been filled with softball. Danny played on a men's and co-ed team. He loves playing and he has some great cheerleaders. We love to watch him play, despite what he thinks. I decided that since the ball field was our third home(the pool being second)that I should take some pictures of Danny in action. It is a good thing I didnt' wait until the last game because he pulled his hamstring running to first in the second inning I believe, and he was basically worthless the rest of the game, no offense Danny. He had to pitch and since they lost that game they were done. It was a good season overall. The team is made up of old friends, the literal meaning of OLD. I wonder if the pulled hamstring had anything to do with that? They all have fun together. We love cheering him on and we are sad when it is over. Until next year...

Got it

This is my favorite picture. Danny said
"Do I really look like that when I run?" But of course
Danny is a man of many talents.
Sometimes rocks are more interesting
The cutest fans

Danny and Benji

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am technically challenged

Okay so something has come over me. In the course of one week, my two daughter's have started a dance class(hopefully they don't get their mom's rhythym, she has none), and I have started a blog. I have no idea how to even do anything on here. In fact, this is the second time I have typed this. Somehow I deleted it. I am at my sister's mercy and she is not answering her phone. I guess what matters is that I have a blog now. Hopefully I can be dilligent like my sister and sister-in-law, who are awesome bloggers. For now, this will not be cute and it will be boring, but my plan is to keep updated on the Irish life.