Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The annual cabin trip has come and gone. It was a quick one this year. There was the worldwide church traing that involved quite a few in our family, so we had to make it a quick trip. We missed Mitch, Sarah, and their family. Pip and Skip, aka, Ty and Ash, and we also missed Matt and Ash. We still had a good time. It isn't the same without all the family. Danny and I got up there first. We had to take a couple of pictures of cabins in Island Park for Danny's dad. We were on our way and Danny looked out and saw a bald eagle on the top of one of the pine trees that was flocked with snow. It was so pretty. On the way to another cabin Niamh said, look a wolf. There wasn't a wolf, but there was a fox. He just slowly made his way across the road. It was cool. It was the first time Danny had seen a fox out in the wild. We went to the cabin to get it all ready. It was SOOOOOOOO cold. We could see our breath. Thank goodness for heaters and furnaces. It took about 10 minutes to get a little comfortable. By the time everyone else came it was nice and toasty, some say maybe a little too toasty, which was true. We roasted hot dogs and had smores. We always bring our Christmas movies for the kids to watch. It is always so much fun. The kids always have something to color and they always play games with mamie. We got all bundled to go find the perfect tree. One time as dad was cutting a tree we thought we knew which way it was going to fall. We didn't quite know so we all quickly got out of the way while Niamh was calling out "timber." It was cute. The kids all put on a play. They picked someone to be Rudolph and all the others were the reindeer. Then they all got in a line while Parker played santa and they all ran off to go flying. They always have fun finding little hills to slide down. Mom and dad always get us our tree and we appreciate it. It is always a good time. We appreciate all they do to make the cabin so much fun and so full of memories.

Liam's Blessing

Liam had the opportunity to get blessed this past fast Sunday. It was a wonderful day. We had all, with the exception of 6, of our family here. Kara's husband Jerry and their son Truman were not able to make it due to sickness. My brother Mitch, his wife Sarah, and their kids Ari and Jack live in Vegas, so they also were not able to make it. Danny did a wonderful job on the blessing. I am grateful to have a husband who is worthy of the priesthood. What an honor it is to be a member of the church and to live on the earth now when the gospel and priesthood have been restored. We are blessed to have such a wonderful family who are always so supportive. We had a nice dinned at our house after church. We took a lot of pictures, so I just decided to put the one big group one on. Matt and Ashley went to visit a mission companion before he went to church so they weren't in the big one. Jill and her family and my grandma Landon stayed at our house. I had to get a picture of ALL the kids eating breakfast. Cousins are the best. After lunch my brother Tyler was holding Liam. Liam was in a dead stare for about 2 minutes straight. He didn't even move. He just had his hand in his mouth and was making some litte noises. It was too cute!! It was a nice day. We love Liam so much. We are so happy he is part of our family.

Fall festivities

It seems like we have been so busy this fall, which has been great. Niamh played soccer again and enjoyed herself. She is getting more and more aggressive and we hope she can get EVEN more. She is the fastest one out there, but gets a little timid when the ball is right there. Ryan has had a few field trips at preschool. Bergin, Liam, and I have joined her. Her first field trip was to the fire station. She then had her fall field trip, which is also where she had her school pictures taken. They had a ton of fun. She is a shy little girl but it is so funny to see her open up and kind of take charge. Bergi loves to be a part of all the action. Matt is getting married in 3 days. My mom, Jill, Ashlee, and I put on a bridal shower for Ashley(Matt's). It was a lot of fun. She got some really nice things. My dad came to help set things up. He ended up holding Liam for a bit. He had a white chocolate covered pretzel and was letting Liam lick it. I think he liked it since he sucked it right to the pretzel.
Next came Halloween. What would a year at the Reilly house be like without having princess costumes? I figure that they won't want to be princesses forever, so I might as well let them. Ryan did branch out a little and she was a rock star. It rained for the first part of the night. We always get a lot of trick or treaters so we like to go out early, then stay home. Our friends came over for the last part of the night and we just hung out and handed out candy. It is always a fun night.
We had our ward party one night and we all dressed as M & M's. My friend let us borrow the bags(me and Danny) and the kids were M & M's, even Liam. My friend made him a small one to match the girls. I hope to get the picture soon from the photographer that was taking them that night. It was fun to see all of our ward members and their crazy costumes.

New shelves

We have been wanting to get shelves in our garage for awhile. We have a very talented neighbor who happens to be a master wood worker. He built our shelves and we love them. The girls(and his, who are all te same ages) loved playing on the wood and having parties until it was time to start. We have put them to use.

Button button, Liam has a button!!

So Liam had a g-tube placed when he had his surgery. They told us it would be switched to a button about 4 weeks after surgery. The Dr. here in Ut. said it had to be 8 weeks, so 9 weeks it was. I was so anxious to get it out. I heard horror stories of g-tubes falling out and having to be surgically replaced. So, I was so excited to get it. The tube was 2 feet long before and we had to pin it to his diaper and stuff it into his onesie. Now you can see that the little button is so much better. The top opens up and we connect his other tubing to it every night at 8 and take it off at 8 in the morning. We can get it wet and pretty much act like it isn't even there. It is soooo nice.