Sunday, February 6, 2011

toothless wonder

So Niamh is now our toothless wonder. Both of her front teeth have been loose for about a month, one more than the other. We finally got one out. A week later we needed to work on the other. It got to the point where it was literally dangling. Pretty gross. She didn't want us to touch it because it was hurting. She went down for her nap one day and she came out holding the tooth. She said she wiggled it with her tongue and it came out. She was pretty excited. It's amazing that teeth can make such a difference. She looks like a big girl now. It is sad how fast they grow and change. I need to take in these moments because they are flying by. The 3 girls are sitting right by me with all of their barbies. I just put a dress on Bergin's barbie. She went over and put her in the car. She then put Ken in the car and said, I am putting my pretty handsome boyfriend in and we are coming over. We all laughed so she keeps saying it. She is a funny girl. I love my kids.