Sunday, February 6, 2011

toothless wonder

So Niamh is now our toothless wonder. Both of her front teeth have been loose for about a month, one more than the other. We finally got one out. A week later we needed to work on the other. It got to the point where it was literally dangling. Pretty gross. She didn't want us to touch it because it was hurting. She went down for her nap one day and she came out holding the tooth. She said she wiggled it with her tongue and it came out. She was pretty excited. It's amazing that teeth can make such a difference. She looks like a big girl now. It is sad how fast they grow and change. I need to take in these moments because they are flying by. The 3 girls are sitting right by me with all of their barbies. I just put a dress on Bergin's barbie. She went over and put her in the car. She then put Ken in the car and said, I am putting my pretty handsome boyfriend in and we are coming over. We all laughed so she keeps saying it. She is a funny girl. I love my kids.


RoyZGirlz said...

Pretty soon she'll graduate from toothless to goofy teeth stage. Gotta love it! Your kiddos are so cute, can't help but smile!

Jill said...

Uh, that dangler was disgusting!!! :) She does look so grown up now-and I can't believe both teeth are already growing in where there are spaces!!

Your hosses are so darling and I love them so much. I love their "cute handsome boyfriends" too. their Ken Beaches...

So glad you are blogging again. It's fun to read about my darling little nieces and nephews. Toothless wonder! Too cute.
Love ya.

Kara said...

She is well beyond her years. When I take 8-year-old baptism pictures, they are always missing their front teeth. She's super early. Ethan hasn't lost one tooth. They aren't even loose. But that's Niamh-more mature than most.

I had a very vivid and real dream last night that you guys had another baby. It was a plump and chubby little boy named Nelson Tanner Reilly. He was beautiful. Think about it. I'm known for my premonitions.

Love you guys.

Emily Andrus said...

Your girls are so cute and funny! I love Niamh's new smile. Another reminder that she is growing up. Your family picture is awesome. Your girls are so beautiful and you look great! I love Liam's little suit. Did you know I broke down and got on facebook. I sent you a friend request. Hopefully we can keep in touch through that too. Hope you guys are doing well! EM

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I kept trying to get Kade to get rid of his 2nd front tooth so he could have them both gone at the same time...but it hung in there so he just had one big tooth and one space! hehe

Hey! I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I went private with my blog...if you are interested send me an email and I'll send you an invite link. :)