Friday, January 28, 2011

what's a happening

So I am behind once again. We had a good Christmas. I got my tonsils out 3 days before Christmas. My sweet friend made a giant gingerbread boy out of jello. It tasted so good. I had my bad days but overall it was not too bad. One regret is that I wish I took more pictures. It may seem like I did take a lot, but I didn't take any with our families. We went to Idaho Falls. We stayed at the Reilly's the few days before and through Christmas. We actually left to Idaho Falls the day I got my tonsils out. I was taken care of very well. Dennis and Sharon were very nice to let me take over their bed during the day. They were good nurses. The holiday started with a party watching "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" at grandma Reilly's house. It is a tradition every year and always fun. The kids get to play bingo and have food and a concession stand. One day there was a knock at the door and a cute little snowman was standing there. The girls got a kick out of him. We spent time with both families opeing presents and eating good food. The girls were super excited for Santa. Liam didn't really know what was going on but enjoyed himself. Danny had to head back to work. Me and the kids took advantage of my mom and dad on their break (once again)and stayed at their house for 5 nights. They took super good care of me and the kids. We just lounged around. My mom made me homemade tapioca. It was the BEST thing I had during my recovery. She made it a few times which was very nice considering the fact that you have to stand at the stove for 20 minutes and stir. I am so thankful for my mom and dad and their great care. I am thankful to my sister too who let my girls rule their basement with her kids as well. It is fun that they live next door to my parents because it makes it nice for the kids to be so close. We had a great time there. We came home and spent the rest of our Christmas vacation playing with all the new toys. Danny brought a lot of things back home when he came back for work. It was a great break. It is always fun being with our families and the cousins all playing together. We are truly grateful for good family. There are some people who live two streets behind us and every new year at midnight they light off fireworks. I'm not talking little dinky ones, well I am not talking Melaleuca either, but they are actually really good. They last about 5 minutes. The best part is that it is right outside the back window. It is always a good way to ring in the new year, then off to bed we go. We are getting old.


Konie said...

looks like you had a great Christmas! The kids are getting so big! Too bad you couldn't find a "nice" nurse to take care of you at home so your mom didn't have too! :)

Chelsi said...

Sounds like a great christmas. I can't believe how big all your kids are getting especially the baby he is so cute. We'll have to make a trip down there and see you guys!!

codi said...

You have the cutest family! I love seeing how big the girls are getting and Liam is so very handsome! Miss you guys :)